Evidence By Mine: The road to accessible privacy rights for consumers and companies

Kobi Nissan
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Learn more about Evidence by Mine and how it makes the handling of privacy requests easier.

Evidence by Mine for Business

Since Mine launched its smart data assistant less than two years ago, we’ve facilitated over four million (verified) data subject requests that consumers sent to companies around the world. As a result, it became clear that not only consumers but also companies need support in adjusting (and complying) with the new privacy regulations, which can take up a lot of time and effort when no processes are in place.

The conversations we had with companies revealed many challenges, but there was one specific request almost every company made: they wanted an easier way to validate and verify their privacy requests. We learned how big of a hassle it was for companies to identify their users in their records, find the type of data interaction, and map the sources from which they needed to delete the user’s data, all causing a huge waste of resources. During that time, we realized that companies just needed more information on the interaction they had with the user, and so we decided to solve this by providing them with more context and information of the data interaction. 

The idea of providing more information to delete user data seems contradictory at first. 

And indeed, many companies started asking for data that they didn’t have in the first place, such as ID number, a copy of the passport, etc. But that got us thinking, what if we could share the very emails that the company had sent to the user in the first place? This data already exists between the company and the user and would provide the exact information they need to easily identify and validate the user-and so we started working on this, creating what we would soon call the Evidence.

Nevertheless, this information still includes personal information, so to avoid sending it over email, we created a secure environment to make evidence accessible only to validated agents. This is where the <nofollow>Mine Privacy Portal<nofollow> comes into play, which might be what brought you to this article in the first place. 

So how does the Evidence make the handling of privacy requests easier, you might ask? Well, the short answer is that it’s entirely up to you. You can choose to keep it simple and use the Portal for when you need more details and evidence for verifying requests, or you can make use of the advanced integrations that will reduce the amount of time and effort spent on privacy requests. 

First things first: what is the Evidence?

In a nutshell, Evidence is information that is provided by the user themselves when sending the data right request. As explained earlier in this article, It includes details from previous email interactions between your company and the requesting user that provide you with much-needed context about the data subject and their request.

This information is a game-changer since it provides greater context than simple requests sent through emails or form fills have provided until now. It includes proof of data collection, identification of the user, an indication of the user-company relationship, and more. Thanks to Mine’s unique position of connecting consumers and companies in the data rights process, we can provide businesses with the details they need to save a lot of time and handle users' requests in a safe, compliant, and secure way.

Evidence by Mine

A breakdown of what the Evidence includes:

  • Each request includes the top three emails that initiated the relationship with the user (i.e., signup, insurance purchase, insurance claims updates)
  • The date of the email interactions.
  • The email address in your organization that sent the emails to the user.
  • The “reply to” email address (if any) and the emails’ subject line.
  • The country of residence and state

Can my company get access to the Evidence? 

Since the evidence includes personal information, we’ve built a secure environment - “Mine Privacy Portal” to allow companies to easily and safely access the evidence. Companies that want to access the Evidence need to go through a short verification process to ensure they have the right permissions to access this information. 

How does it work, and is it secure? 

We use the OAuth 2.0 open network standard to validate that every user is the owner of their mail account. It’s important to remember we are not acting on behalf of our users - they send their requests themselves, directly from their inbox. Therefore, you can rest assured that the requests and the evidence are always coming from the real people behind the names.

The future of data ownership

As privacy regulations are growing worldwide, Mine is dedicated to bridging the gap between consumers and companies by creating an accessible privacy rights experience for all.

Evidence by Mine is just the first part of this mission. Companies also have to deal with other difficulties, like juggling workflows and keeping track of data that is spread across many different data sources. This is why we've added advanced features to the portal that will help companies streamline and automate the handling of all their incoming privacy requests and eliminate manual and repetitive work. 

Companies can now sign up for this end-to-end privacy platform with the cherry on top - The Evidence. Learn more here.