My Activity page - Never lose track of your data requests

Kobi Nissan
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<hl>Introducing the new My Activity page<hl>

Have you reclaimed your personal data from companies? If you did, you’re probably wondering whether these requests were actually completed?
This is where Mine’s new feature comes in!

My Activity page - Mine

Let’s start off from the beginning.

New privacy regulations put the power back in users hands (Yaaay!). But things don’t just change overnight. Therefore, it became our vision to help users take back control of their data.

We’ve built a system that would tackle the three challenges of our digital presence.

  1. Where is your data: In 30 sec you can discover your digital footprint and see all companies that hold your personal data.
  2. Taking action to delete your data: How to contact companies? What should you ask for? How should you identify yourself? Mine got you covered here too. In just one click you can reclaim your data from any company that is holding your data.
  3. Monitor your requests and get things done: In order to complete a request, communication with said company is necessary. Today is the day Mine got you covered there as well.

Meet “My activity” and get things done!

Sending multiple companies requests to reclaim your data, means you’ll have tens if not hundreds of incoming emails to read and maybe even respond to. Sending a request is not just sending an email and that’s that. The truth is, identification by companies is often a necessary step, which can require some back and forth between company and yourself.

So.. enough about the bad news. Here comes the good news.

Mine has taken on the duty to help you get these requests done. We’ll guide you, tell you EXACTLY what is happening with your requests. No wondering, no pondering. No more waiting for email replies nor forgetting to answer. When a company has responded to your request, Mine will be there for you, guiding you in the process.

My Activity page

How does it work?

Mine intelligently analyzes the answers received back from companies and lets you know only if your attention is required. Mine keeps track of the process so you don't have to and even understands when companies confirm the data was deleted, so we can celebrate together!

Look for your request status inside your Mine account

  1. Request is in process
  2. Request is sent and is waiting for company's response
  3. Company has responded and it’s your turn to take action
  4. Request is completed

To check out this cool new feature, you’ll have to send out a few requests first. Once you’ve done that, go to your “My activity” page and track your requests. This is only the first step towards complete autonomy. Our technology is becoming smarter every day, so keep your eyes open for further improvements. Come check it out, it’s so satisfying to control your data and see requests getting completed one by one.

<nofollow>Login to your Mine account<nofollow>, visit “My activity” to get things done!

My Activity page - Never lose track of your data requests

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