Making it even easier for you to take ownership of your data with Mine.

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Keep track of all your data reclaim requests and communicate with companies directly from within the app with our new “My Reclaims” page.

MIne's New “My Reclaims” Page

Keeping our data off the grid is not an option

Our daily lives increasingly depend on the internet, but since the arrival of Covid-19, this dependency has taken a whole other level. From working remotely, ordering groceries to social gatherings and birthdays, everything has moved online. This means that our professional and personal data, transactions, and our interactions are now shared with more companies than ever. With the increase in data sharing comes an increase in data exposure, that’s why it’s more crucial than ever for consumers to get ownership over their data and make sure they’re keeping their data only where they need it.

Technology to the rescue

To make data ownership a reality for our users, we have worked hard to find the answers to the following three questions:

  1. Where is my personal data held? SOLVED! In 30 seconds, we allow anyone to discover all the companies that hold their personal data, the type of data they hold, and the associated risks.
  2. How do I remove my data from companies? SOLVED! With our AI’s privacy policy analysis, we find the contact details of any company which allows you to reclaim (aka send a deletion request) your data from companies directly from within our app.
  3. How can I keep track and complete reclaim processes with many different companies and not go nuts:)? Getting your data back from dozens or hundreds of companies can be overwhelming if you have to read and respond to their complex deletion process through your email’s inbox. We knew there had to be a better way, so we SOLVED this for you (see below) ⬇️

Helping you to the finish line

Introducing “My Reclaims” 2.0

We all spend enough time in our email’s inbox as it is. Instead of going back and forth between emails from different companies, you can now chat with companies and complete your data reclaims in one centralized place directly from within the app with the <nofollow>“My Reclaims”<nofollow> page.

Introducing MIne's New “My Reclaims” Page — Mine

How does ״My Reclaims״ work?

After you click “reclaim” on a specific company card, an automatic email is sent with a data reclaim request directly from your email’s inbox. You can then find the status and communications with companies of all your sent reclaim requests' in one organized place, the <nofollow>“My Reclaims”<nofollow> page which is updated in real-time.

Active requests

To help you keep track, Mine will notify you when a company responds to your reclaim requests and messages. When notified, simply click “See email” to read the message and you can then securely reply to the company directly from within the app to complete the process.

Data ownership is a journey

Mine’s smart data assistant is getting smarter every day to make it as easy as possible for our users to take ownership of their data without having to change their behavior. We continue to teach and improve our technology to better identify the companies’ internal deletion processes and help our users reclaim their data from companies faster:

  1. Soon, you’ll have a 24h personal data assistant (a very smart bot that yet needs to be named -suggestions are welcome in the comment section;)) to help you with the reclaim emails in real-time and any other privacy-related questions.
  2. You’ll be able to reply to companies’ responses using smart, suggested answers.
  3. Ping the company if they do not respond.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you might have:)

Making it even easier for you to take ownership of your data with Mine.

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